Building a Bridge Between Fashion and Technology

360Fash Tech Kits

The 360Fash Tech Kits enable fashion designers to create smart garments & accessories without coding and soldering.

The LED Ribbon

A soft fabric e-textile that is easy
to sew into clothing and accessories.

What Do We Do?

We are on the cutting edge of Fashion & Technology for 10+ years.

We apply?the latest technologies to fashion so brands can interact with customers and emerging markets of the future.

IoT Clothing, Wearable Tech, Fashion Technology, Virtual Interactive Environments, and High-Level events.

Our Fashion Tech Lab not only builds our own products and experiences, but we also work with top brands to build theirs. We provide?outstanding garment/accessory construction with technology seamlessly integrated into the product prototypes, ready to be mass manufactured with our trained factory partners.

360Fash Tech


Smart Jewellery kit with Totwoo Inside featured in Target Open House

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Tailor made tech services, cut for your needs

Increase Awareness

Get your brand’s message through all of your clients devices.

Increase Sales

Meet your customers wherever they are, and trigger the purchase.

Increase Interactivity

Create a unique brand experience using interactive technologies.

China Solutions

Everything you need PR, Social Media, Events to be successful in China.

Technologies & Expertise

A large panel of cutting edge technologies and services

Virtual Boutique

Turn any surface into a point of sale

Mobile Mags

Disposable Apps with ultimate compatibility

Interactive Catalog

Scan to buy from catalogs and ads

eCommerce Apps

Custom Apps with in store alerts

3D Printing

3D printing solutions for design

Photo Booth

Invite a 3D Model to your event


Where we put Design and Technology hand in hand

American Fashion Podcast & 360Fashion Network

American Fashion Podcast, Mouth Media & 360Fashion Network Event

A private event with a panel discussion, a showcase of 360Fashion Network products at the Amazon Loft in New York City during New York Fashion Week.

Target Open House & 360Fashion Network

“Future Jewelry” Event

A showcase of 360Fashion Network products, presentation with fashion models wearing GGConnections, and a panel discussion with women leaders in wearable tech, 3D Design, and women VC investors in downtown San Francisco.

Totwoo Jewelry

360Fashion Network, Totwoo, and GenArt

“Future Jewelry Exhibition”

A launch of the new era in wearable tech by Totwoo?Future Jewelry Company, presenting 360Fash Tech “Totwoo?Love” Future Jewelry Kit, a panel discussion with wearable tech, jewelry, and fashion experts, presented amongst string art by GenArt Artists in New York City at SAP’s?Next Gen Loft.


GSMA-360Fashion & Tech Runway Show

Special Performance co-organised by the MAE and 360Fashion Network on June 11, cutting-edge technologies such as 3D scanning, 3D printing, wearable technology and clothing robots are gradually penetrating into the fashion industry.

CHIC-360Fashion-Tech Zone

A yearly exhibition at the largest fashion expo in Asia, CHIC, where we showcase cutting edge technologies to top fashion brands. The only entry point for your technology in the fashion industry in China. A curated award winning exhibition with live demos, workshops, speeches… and an audience of top decision makers.

3D Festival

Award winning yearly event, featured at Beijing Design Week, the 360Fashion 3D Festival brings engineers and designers together to create interactions between the most advanced 3D technology companies (3D scanning, printing, AR,…) and the most cutting edge design firms, pushing both industries forward.

Industry News

What is happening in the world of IoT Clothing, wearables, and fashion tech.



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